Great Lakes Folk Festival

Great Lakes Folk Festival press releases

During my internship with the MSU Museum, a large part of what I was doing was promoting the annual Great Lakes Folk Festival. As part of it, I put together press kits to go out to various media outlets, and included these four press releases in them. They helped generate a good amount of press for the fest—it would have garnered it on its own, but these gave details of what was going on.


Night at the Museum release

"Night at the Museum" Release

One of my assignments while at the Museum was to find a way to market our museum in light of the release of the film, "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian." As the MSU Museum is a Smithsonian affiliate, it was only appropriate.

Editing Memo

Editing Memo

In WRA 470: Editing and Publishing, we were exposed to a variety of editing situations. In this particular case, we were given an article and told to edit according to the specifications of a journal it would be submitted to (we found the journal). I cannot include the article with my revisions here, as it is covered by copyright, but this is the editing memo with all my notes to the fictional author. I have removed the name of the piece, and the journal for submission, but everything else remains unchanged. We did exercises like this often to get us used to editing in the "real world."
PSA Memo

PSA Editing Memo

We were given the opportunity, in WRA 470, to edit a video of a public service announcement, as opposed to only editing written pieces. I chose to analyze and edit a PSA for a local animal rescue group (I have removed their name in the text of the memo, as this was only an educational exercise). In our multimedia world, it was nice to get some experience editing a different kind of text, and required us to use different vocabulary in suggesting changes—things like, "fade" and "slides," and talking about music.
Quotation Marks flyer

Quotation Marks flyer

As part of our final project for WRA 370: Intro to Grammar and Style, we had to create an informational flyer about some aspect of grammar. Knowing I had a hard time with quotation marks, I decided to make them the subject of my flyer. It simply includes all the rules associated with quotation marks, and gives an example of each one—even the ones to avoid. I used a class text as a source (cited on the bottom of the flyer) and arranged the whole thing in Microsoft Word.
Copps Coliseum - Barney Fife press releases

"Barney Fife" News & Social Media releases

While taking ADV 225: Writing for Public Relations, my class produced a number of pieces all surrounding the fictional scenario of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes being purchased by the Tim Hortons restaurant chain and moving to Hamilton, Ontario. While the events were made up, the people were real, so please note that these are not real releases. In our scenario, "Barney Fife," a famous Hamilton native, has donated a large sum to the campaign. These pieces are corresponding print news and social media releases.

YouVote Website Instructional Materials (pdf)

Since our work with YouVote ended at the close of the school year, my group had to make instructional materials to leave behind so that whoever takes over will know what to do. Using screen capturess and detailed instructions, we as a group showed everything they might possibly need to know about altering and creating pages. I wrote the directions on how to add and format text and headings, create links, and embed images and videos (also noting rules on accessibility while doing so), and all without touching the code.

Winter weather pretty to look at, but not much fun (pdf)

This was written as an assignment for JRN 200: News Writing. We had to write a story on something happening locally, but weren't given any topic guidelines beyond that. We had just experienced a week of single-digit temperatures, so my article looked at the temperatures and their effect on MSU.