WRA 410 Portfolio

WRA 410 Portfolio

During the Spring 2010 semester at Michigan State, I took WRA 410: Advanced Web Authoring. In the course, we refined our CSS skill and learned Java Script and PHP. At the end of the semester, we had to create a website to compile all our coursework. This is one page from that portfolio, featuring our three biggest assignments (called "modules"). The portfolio itself was designed in a short amount of time—less than two hours. I explain the modules in detail on this page.

State of Art Winterguard

Created as final project for WRA 210: Introduction to Web Authoring, this website is still in use as the web home for Michigan State University’s world-champion winter colorguard, State of Art. It features a history of the guard, up-to-date information about contests and auditions, and other features that allow it to be accessible to the public. Created entirely with HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver.

Spartan Colorguard

Most sections of Michigan State’s Spartan Marching Band have their own webpage; this was the first website ever created for the colorguard. It features information on auditions, season schedule, useful links, videos, history, and member bios. It is mainly used as a recruitment tool, and will be used in the future as more of a communicative medium. This was made while I was home for the summer, so the images were edited in Microsoft PowerPoint, and the site was crafted with freeware programs Nvu and CSSEdit.


As a semester-long project in WRA 331: Writing for Public Interest, I worked in a small group to assist YouVote, a non-partisan youth voter initiative from Michigan State. Our projects were to create a new logo and a new website. For the site design, we modified a template from FreeCSSTemplate.org, and then reorganized the content of their previous site to better serve their audience: the students. Made in Dreamweaver.

Brody Complex

This site was created as a resource for students living in the Brody Residential Complex at Michigan State. In my role as webmaster, I was in charge of all content that went on the site: how it was formatted, what category it went under, and making sure it was cited properly. Often I would have to completely repurpose a document, or go out and find them myself. I did not do the actually design of the site, but assisted with its redesign in March 2009. Position held from October 2008 to May 2009.