GLFF TwitterMSU Museum Twitter

Great Lakes Folk Festival Twitter, MSU Museum Twitter

During my internship with the Michigan State University Museum, I established Twitter accounts for both the Museum and the Great Lakes Folk Festival. I also designed the backgrounds and color schemes for both, going off of existing schemes found in their respective logos. The background for the GLFF one was taken from images created by Ciesa Design in promotion of the event; I just had fun with the Museum one. Both were created in Photoshop.
Sparty Watch T-ShirtSparty Watch flier

Sparty Watch (jpg, pdf)

These two items were created for Sparty Watch, an annual Spartan Marching Band tradition to guard Michigan State’s Sparty statue during the week leading up to the rivalry Michigan State-Michigan football game. The image was drawn by Oliver Parsonage, a former cartoonist for The State News, as a modified replica of a comic he drew the previous year. As a Sparty Watch co-chair, I implemented the design with text for the event t-shirt. To stick with the theme, I then used the image and matching font in the event flyer, which gave full details of each night’s activities. The shirt was designed in Photoshop; the flyer in InDesign.

State of Art Winterguard clinic flier

2nd Annual State of Art Winterguard Clinic (pdf)

I was asked to create the flyer for State of Art Winterguard’s 2008 clinic. I was asked to include pictures of the clinicians, as well as to make it "Spartan-y." It was distributed in PDF format from the State of Art and Michigan Color Guard Circuit websites, and via mail to some high schools. It was created in InDesign.

Spartan Marching Band Huddle 2009 (pdf)

Every year, the members of the honorary band sorority Tau Beta Sigma host Huddle, the band formal event. I designed the program for this year’s event. I began by choosing a font that closely matched the one on the souvenir glasses that would be given out, to add visual continuity. I was also in charge of having them printed. The layout was reused for programs the next year.

State of Art T-shirt (jpg)

As a fundraiser for State of Art, we sold logo space on a shirt that would later be sold as another fundraiser. The logos were given to me to alter, clean up, and edit for use in a black-and-white image to be printed on the back of the t-shirt (most were given to me in color). I did all the editing and arranging in Photoshop.

A Day In The Life of Kaitlyn (png)

This was created in WRA 360: Visual Rhetoric. The assignment: create a graph representing how you normally spend your day. I decided to visually represent what I was doing within the pie chart to create a clearer message. Created with Microsoft Word and Photoshop.